What’s the difference between a blog and a CMS?

At a fundamental level there is no difference. A blog is a type of Web content management system.

Why do people call some Web CMSs ‘blogs’?

A blog is a special-purpose CMS that allows the quick publishing of articles or “blog posts”.

Why do you use WordPress for Managed Web Content’s blogging application?

WordPress is the most popular open source blog available and it has a healthy ecosystem of themes and extensions.

Do you offer any other CMS than WordPress?

Not right now, but we may in the future.

Do you manage WordPress updates for me?

Yes and no. Linuxpeak’s Managed Web Content service can automatically update WordPress to the latest version so you don’t have to do it manually, however, if you have additional themes and plug-ins installed your site cannot be updated automatically as things might break. Please check your configuration and backup your site before performing a WordPress version upgrade.

Can I use Linuxpeak’s Managed Web Content service for a private intranet?

Yes, Managed Web Content can be used for Web site that appear as the public “face” of an organisation, but can also be a platform for an internal “intranet” system. Public-facing Web sites are indexed by search engines and accessible to anyone, but intranets are not indexed by public search engines and are generally accessible to employees of the organisation.

Can I add e-commerce to my Managed Web Content service?

Yes, e-commerce can be added to any Managed Web Content plan. Standard e-commerce support fees apply.

I have developed my own theme can I apply it to my blog?

You sure can. Just upload the theme in the administration interface. If you have any problems contact us.

Do you have any limits on data transfer bandwidth?

Generally no, but we advise customers with high-traffic requirements on the best approach to manage the bandwidth. If you have large data transfer requirements let us know.

I have developed my own plug-in or extension, can I apply it to my blog?

Yes, but please let us know if you are applying an extension to your blog. We need to be aware of any extra code which may cause problems with your blog.

Do you offer additional support and development services?

Yes, Linuxpeak can support custom requirements and can put you in touch with our development community members for theme design and plug-in development.