Are you a web designer or WordPress extension developer? Talk to Linuxpeak about getting the test environments you need setup for an unbeatable price. Move from development to testing and production with ease. As a developer you won’t be left alone and Linuxpeak support staff are here to help. Interested in developing on Linuxpeak’s open app platform? You don’t need to register, just send a message to Linuxpeak’s developer’s list and let us know you requirements.

Theme developers

Linuxpeak welcomes web designers to join the Managed CMS developer program. Even if you don’t have any prior experience with WordPress you can get started with Linuxpeak. Web designers can write CSS and HTML themes for private client use or publish them under and open source licence. WordPress already has an extensive range of themes available which can be modified, depending on the licence. Don’t let access to WordPress be a barrier to your theme creations and join Linuxpeak’s developer program now.

Extension & plug-in developers

Linuxpeak’s Managed CMS developer program also supports WordPress plug-in and extension developers. Plug-ins enhance the features of a CMS by performing specific tasks generally not included in the base package. As with themes, WordPress already has an extensive collection of plug-ins and developers can join the developer program to test modifications to existing plug-ins or create their own.

XAMMP developers

Many LAMP developers use the popular XAMMP package on Windows desktops to develop for WordPress. Linuxpeak’s developer program provides support for developers looking to deploy their WordPress XAMMP environments to Linuxpeak’s Managed CMS service. Before you start your next WordPress project using XAMMP why not join Linuxpeak’s developer community instead?

Join Linuxpeak’s developer program

Joining Linuxpeak’s developer program is easy. You don’t need to fill out any forms or pay anything, just send an email to:


and someone from Linuxpeak will be in touch to set you up with the service you need.