Go beyond a static Web site to a Web content management system (CMS), Linuxpeak’s Managed Web Content service is an inexpensive, well supported option for all organisations. Linuxpeak’s Managed Web Content service offers a fully hosted and supported installation of the open source WordPress blogging engine and CMS.


webcontent_tour1Using a SaaS CMS allows organisations to get on with managing their content without worrying about the hosting infrastructure behind it. Take the tour of Linuxpeak’s Managed Web Content offerings to see how easy it is to build your own Web presence and mix dynamic and static content on the same site.

Plans & pricing



If you would like to sign up to a Linuxpeak Managed Web Content service, simply contact us via the Managd CMS subscription page or send us an email. Send your desired plan and requirements to:


and your service will be provisioned.

Technical specifications

More technical people may be interesting in the Managed Web Content specifications so Linuxpeak has prepared some information about how it all works. Linuxpeak’s commitment to open source and open standards ensures our customers are not locked into a proprietary service.


More questions? Feel free to contact Linuxpeak or see the FAQs.