Is your email for personal or business use?

It can be used for either personal or business there are no artificial differences or restrictions.

Do you use the email to sell ads around it?

No, Linuxpeak’s Managed Email service is private and advertising free.

Can I use my favourite email client with your service?

Yes, you can use any standards-based IMAP client with Linuxpeak’s Managed Email service.

My favourite email client is not working as expected, what can I do?

Given the sheer number of email clients available Linuxpeak cannot guarantee the user experience will be the same for all, but please let us know if have any problems with your email client and we will assist you in getting it working.

Is the email secured between my email client and the server?

Yes, all messages are secured with SSL technology during transit.

Is the email stored at rest encrypted?

Email encryption is optional. Linuxpeak’s Managed Email service supports PGP encryption for messages and attachments, however, we do not require this by default. By default the email at rest is stored unencrypted.

Do you have any limits on data transfer bandwidth?

Generally no, but we advise customers with high-traffic requirements on the best approach to manage the bandwidth. If you have large data transfer requirements let us know.

Do you provide email data migration services?

Yes, we can help with moving email from your existing system to Linuxpeak. Standard service fees may apply.

Can I use your email service as a secondary, or backup, service?

Yes, Linuxpeak’ s Managed Email service can be used for a primary or secondary email service. Note, an update to your domains’ DNS service may be required. Linuxpeak’s Managed DNS service can be used to control primary and secondary email services.