lead_product_promo_graphic_emailWith millions of electronic messages being sent every day a reliable messaging infrastructure is sought by most organisations. For more than two decades Linux has been the platform for email technology development and innovation. Linuxpeak combines open messaging platforms with hosted convenience and scalability.

Plans & pricing

Linuxpeak’s Managed Email subscriptions are priced appropriately for consumers and businesses. Just decide how many user accounts you need and then sign up to the corresponding plan.

Pricing is per mailbox and the plans are designed to scale from one user account to thousands. See the plans and pricing page for more details about the level of features and support available for each type of subscription.


Use the request form on the Managed Email subscribe page and your service will be provisioned.

Alternatively send an email to:


to request a service and a Linuxpeak representative will respond to you request.

Technical specifications

More technical people may be interesting in the Managed Email specifications so Linuxpeak has prepared some information about how it all works. Linuxpeak’s commitment to open source and open standards ensures our customers are not locked into a proprietary service.


More questions? Feel free to contact Linuxpeak or see the FAQs.