Can anyone register a domain name with Linuxpeak?

Yes, Linuxpeak’s domain name registration service is available to everyone.

How long can I register a domain name for?

You can register a domain name for one (1) year for any international or global top level domain and two (2) years for a .au domain.

Why do .au domains have a minimum two year registration period?

This is a regulation set down by the Australian Domain Authority (auDA) the governing body for all .au domain names.

Will I be notified when my domain is due for renewal?

Yes, Linuxpeak’s automated billing system will send you are reminder notice when you domain is due for renewal well before it expires. A renewal notice is sent for every domain registered.

Can you help if I have trouble registering a domain?

We’re always happy to help. If you experience any difficulty registering a domain send an e-mail to Linuxpeak support and we will take a look.

Can I transefer my domain away from Linuxpeak to another registrar?

We’d hate to see you go, but yes you can transfer your domain away from Linuxpeak at any time. Before you go keep in mind the Linuxpeak Managed DNS free Basic plan offer is only available for domain names registered with Linuxpeak.

If customers get free DNS hosting with every domian why do you have a Basic Managed DNS plan?

Many of Linuxpeak’s customers have domains with other registrars but prefer our Managed DNS service (up to 5 domains for the Basic plan). Using a dedicated DNS service gives people the option of choosing any domain registrar or hosting (email and Web) at any time. Subscribing to a Basic plan is a convenient way of managing all your domains in a central place.

Can I earn my way to the Enterprise Managed DNS plan simply by buying more domains?

No. The Linuxpeak Enterprise Managed DNS plan is designed to serve the most demanding enterprise DNS requirements and is fully supported by an engineer. However, people who buy lots of domains with Linuxpeak still get free a Basic Managed DNS service for each domain.