Secure your business name by registering a top-level domain with Linuxpeak. Linuxpeak can register any type of open top-level domain (TLD), including: .com .net .org .info and .biz.

Domain pricing

Like all Linuxpeak services, our domain names are exceptional value and every domain sold by Linuxpeak is supported by our world-class software and expertise.

Domain names begin at just $20 per year and include Linuxpeak’s DNS hosting. Visit the domain price list for the latest prices.

DNS hosting

Every domain sold by Linuxpeak includes free DNS hosting so you can get your Web site or e-mail service up and running right away. Linuxpeak also has a Managed DNS service. This service is also available whether a domain was purchased through Linuxpeak or not. See Linuxpeak’s Managed DNS service for more information.


More questions? Feel free to contact Linuxpeak or see the FAQs.