Why does every organisation need DNS?

If an organisation has some online presence in the form of a Web site or e-mail address then DNS is what makes it all happen.

What is DNSSec?

DNSSec is the new standard for secure DNS. Like how HTTPS is the secure method for HTTP traffic, DNSSec will eventually replace DNS as the secure method for DNS services.

How to I work out the true cost of my DNS service?

We’ve prepared a DNS cost calculator page to answer this popular question. Read it here: DNS TCO

Does Linuxpeak’s Managed DNS service provide DNSSec?

Yes, it does. However, not all domain name registrars support DNSSec yet. Ask us if you are able to use a DNSSec service.

How has Linuxpeak engineered its Managed DNS service?

Linuxpeak has selected the best open source components and integrated them to provide a secure, scalable Managed DNS service.

I’m a hosting and Cloud computing provider, can I subscribe to Linuxpeak’s Managed DNS service?

Yes, you can.

I’m a data carrier, can I subscribe to Linuxpeak’s Managed DNS service?

That depends on what size you are. If you are a large ISP or carrier with specific DNS requirements please make contact with us before signing up.

I’m a domain name registrar, can I subscribe to Linuxpeak’s Managed DNS service?

That also depends on what size you are. Small and medium-size registrars should be fine. If you’re a large registrar with specific requirements talk to us first.

Can I deploy Linuxpeak’s DNS technology in-house?

No, Linuxpeak’s DNS is a cloud-only service.

Can I resell Linuxpeak’s Managed DNS service?

Not right now, but that’s something we will consider depending on the demand.

If all Linuxpeak domain names include DNS, why have a Basic plan?

Many of our customers have domain names registered with registrars other than Linuxpeak.

What if I want to move to another provider?

Like all Linuxpeak services, Managed DNS is built on open standards so you can move your hosting to another provider at any time. You are not locked into anything.

I have a large number of domains, can Linuxpeak help me migrate them over?

Yes, ask us about migration options for a large number of domains.