Linuxpeak is an IT company that uses open source software to deliver information management services. We use the Linux operating system and open source software for our SaaS platform. Open source software is free to deploy, can be customized to suit individual requirements, and there is no proprietary support lock-in. At Linuxpeak, Linux is also used to host all SaaS applications.

Open source

The term “open source” is used to describe software that is available with full source code. All software is developed from source code, but many software vendors only distribute the machine-readable components, which remain proprietary. Using open source software has numerous advantages over proprietary software, including:

  • No licence fees
  • Generally lower support costs
  • Can be configured
  • No vendor lock-in

Linuxpeak helps businesses of all size manage open source software. While open source software is freely available, open source companies like Linuxpeak generate revenue from services and support – like any other form of software.


Linux is an open source operating system that can be used for business and personal information management. What started as a personal project by Linus Torvalds in 1990 has risen to become one of the most infleuntial operating systems of the modern computing era. Linux, like other open source software, is freely available and is used by millions of people every day for both on-premise and SaaS applications.


An important consideration when procuring any type of software, be it on-premise or hosted, is open standards. Both open source and proprietary applications are developed to industry, or “open”, standards. If an application is standards-based then a customer is free to choose competing offerings without being encumbered by exhaustive migration processes.

Linuxpeak is an open standards company. All supported Linuxpeak software is standards based and we do not recommend a proprietary software unless there was no other option.