Linuxpeak’s core business is software support and we aim for nothing but excellence. Linuxpeak is not a company that sell products and services only to leave the customer exposed when support is required.

Speak to an engineer

All Linuxpeak clients and customers have direct access to the engneers that support our SaaS offerings. Linuxpeak does not separate customer support from marketing and engineering. All customer support interactions are known by all parts of the business.

Need application support?

If your organisation is using a niche application that you require support for why not contact Linuxpeak? Linuxpeak can advise your organisation the best path forward for your application and whether it can be hosted and supported by Linuxpeak or if it should be migrated to a suitable alternative.

Flexible procurement

Linuxpeak’s support services can be aquired on a contract or per-project basis. Many organisations prefer the security of knowing how much their IT support services will cost. However, there are many occasions when organisations require per-project or per-incident support.