Linuxpeak started in 2005 as company providing IT services to small business in Sydney, Australia. Since then we’ve grown into a enterprise-grade SaaS company servicing organisations globally. Linuxpeak has offices and staff in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Linuxpeak offers a diverse range of software services like support for Linux and open source applications to Web site and e-mail hosting, instant messaging, collaboration solutions and information security services.

Put simply, Linupeak is a software company. Software can be installed and managed by an organisation internally or it can be provided as a service. Hence the term “Software as a Service”, or SaaS. SaaS is increasingly becoming the preferred method to facilitate information management.

Linuxpeak’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes overcome information management challenges through the use of standards-based, open source technologies. Contact us to be part of this vision.

Open philosophy

At Linuxpeak we believe everyone has the right to know how their information is managed. Too often software companies shield the technologies and methods used from their customers. This applies to both on-premise and SaaS providers.

If an organisation subscribes to a proprietary SaaS application they generally only see the end results of how their information is managed. By supporting open source software Linuxpeak provides to the customer full transparency over how the raw data is stored and processed.

Genuine business model

Linuxpeak operates as a for-profit company with a genuine business model. Linuxpeak charges for its exceptional quality of service and does not need to operate any covert form revenue generation to supplement its core business. All Linuxpeak clients and customers have direct access to their systems and information hosted by us.